Short Stories

“To the Bride,” Skyline 2022: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose by Central Virginia Writers (2021).

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“Bronty”, Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review, Winter (2019): 62.

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“The Toast,” Corvus Review Issue 10, (2018): 153.

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“The Girl at Extension 5261,” ROAR: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People (2017).

“Cannonball,” in the Virginia Writers Club Centennial Anthology  (2017): 224-227.

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“Team Leader,” in the Skyline 2018  (2017): 110-115.

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“Eva’s Sweaters,” Pilcrow and Dagger: That’s Gonna Leave a Mark, August/September (2017): 68-74.

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“Joyride,” Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue 16, Summer (2017): 72-79.

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“Confession,” The Ocotillo Review Volume 1, Summer (2017): 111.

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